After 15 years as a photographer in New York, Natasha Milne has returned to Australia.  She has worked for many advertising and editorial clients, including Martha Stewart Living, Murdoch Books, Editions Du Chene, Departures and Canon USA, as well as an assignment to Mali, West Africa for the United Nations. She has also taught workshops at the Bonsai Society of Sydney. Her fine art work has been auctioned at Sotheby's and sold to collectors. It has also been shown at various exhibitions including The Gramercy Art Fair, Chicago Art Fair, the Art of Photography show in New York, and at Blender Gallery in Sydney. Her photographs also hang permanently in the hallways and reception areas of several American and South Pacific hotels. More recently Natasha has also begun shooting TVC's for clients such as Bing Lee and Flower Power.

Natasha has been passionate about the earth since she was able to crawl around outside and discover the beauty of other creatures at her eye level.  As an advocate for the environment, she volunteers for her local wildlife rescue org, has seen the effects of water scarcity while on assignment photographing water systems in W. Africa for the UN, and is currently completing a book entitled 101 Reasons to Get Out of Bed, which asks environmental advocates what gets them out of bed and why. 

With a belief that we all deserve to live a 'better normal', Natasha is also working on an upcoming Expo which brings together corporations, governments, and those working behind the scenes for a reinvention of our planets future, with concerned citizens under the banner of TWIG²-so that The World Is Getting (it) exponentially.